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HippoChamp, a new auction is announced.

It involves a team of four: Bernard Demets, Koen Terryn, Eric Goossens, and Koen Calliauw. Together, they form HippoChamp.
Together, they are organising a foal auction. This is to be held in Gesves on the evenings of Friday, 11 and Saturday, 12 August 2017, therefore on the same days as the Belgian young horse championships in Gesves.

We asked them: are there not enough auctions already?

“Look,” says Koen Terryn philosophically, “ there is too much of everything already. That is a fact. However, just like everywhere else, only the good companies survive. And those are the ones that focus on being customer-friendly and offering quality. Companies that provide a service, where you get value for money. It is as simple as that, but that does not make it easy. And that is no different with the whole surplus of auctions. Increasing competition will cause some auctions to disappear, but similarly new and lasting initiatives will be launched. That can only benefit the quality of the remaining auctions. The point is to be different from the others. And we are working hard to achieve that. We will therefore not be charging an extortionate sales commissions of 20% to those selling, but the more moderate sum of 15%, and equally we will not charge buyers the usual 10%, but just 8%.”

“On the first evening, we plan to auction 25 TOP foals from known bloodlines and known stallions. On the second evening, we will also auction 25 foals, but on that particular occasion, we will be giving extra support to help stallion owners with young stallions. So, on the second evening, we will only auction foals from young stallions. Once again, the emphasis will be on foals with the proper background and with an extremely good and documented mare bloodline.

The HippoChamp auction will also work with Equinia, thus allowing people all over the world to join in the bidding LIVE via the internet. Naturally, this foal auction will be promoted with the appropriate catalogue and a good marketing campaign.

An auction in Wallonia?

“We were keen to combine our initiative with an existing event of sufficient interest, whether this was in Flanders or in Wallonia,” confirms Bernard Demets. “We then spotted the widely known Belgian young horse championships in Gesves. This is where all the best young horses in Belgium get together. It is therefore quite logical that this attracts many domestic and foreign buyers. By combining the HippoChamp auction with the Belgium championships, this will encourage even more potential buyers to come to the Belgian championships.”

A team of four?

“Indeed,” confirms Eric Goossens. “I have known Koen and Bernard for a long time now. The three of us will make the selections and I will also be in charge of the auction administration. Our other Koen (Koen Calliauw) is the perfect man for all technical matters. He is also in charge of everything involved in our website.”

Selection days?

“Foals must be preregistered on our registration page
This is followed by two selection days:

  • On Saturday, 10 June, in QC stables in Sint-Niklaas (9100), starts at 10 a.m.
  • On Saturday, 25 June, at the premises of Daniel Boudrenghien in Pipaix (7904), starting at 10 a.m.



Selection board:

Bernard Demets

+33 633 904 173

Koen Terryn

+32 476 89 70 00

Eric Goossens

+32 477 693 773

Technical Aspects:

Koen Calliauw

+32 499 74 28 73



p/a BVBA

Koewacht 124

9190 Koewacht (Stekene)

+32 477 693 773